About Us

Our mission.

To inform. To inspire learning. To advance knowledge in the realm of implant dentistry and empower dentists to promote increased dental health in the community.

Who we are & what we value.

After having participated in other live surgical courses we saw an opportunity to improve upon the learning experience so that techniques and protocols taught could more easily be implemented in the doctors own office after attending the course. Implant Know-How was founded under the auspices of furthering in depth knowledge in the realm of implant dentistry. In the journey called implant dentistry we encounter many challenge and it is for that very reason that we must continue the search for higher knowledge. It is only with practice and the use of proper protocols we are able to make the right decisions to achieve better predictability.

The achievement of long-term results and giving patients the optimum quality treatment takes precedence in all that we do. We believe that together we can attain this common goal.

What we do.

Implant Know-How works diligently to share honest and reliable information to advance knowledge within the realm of implant dentistry and the dental community. Through our website, we share news, insightful information, instructions and videos covering topics within implant dentistry that resonates with optimal treatment protocol. An important channel to promote increased knowledge is through our courses.

In our LIVE surgical courses we create a forum where experienced instructors who are passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge meet fellow dentists who are hungry to advance their knowledge. An intimate and personal course setting ensures a high quality learning experience.The best way to promote learning is through practical experience – therefore it is You, the attendee, who perform all surgeries under instructor step-by-step guidance. To challenge the attendees in critical thinking process is an important part of ensuring the understanding of why and how in all aspects of treatment.

Our community.

Our community is our instructors, our past & future course attendees, the patients that are helped to better dental health through the courses and our partner companies that supports the courses in a manner that we are able to subsidize high quality treatment to patients.

Our courses also provide an opportunity to meet new friends, colleagues and to establish relationships for future knowledge sharing long after the course is over. Our community is people who share our passion for implant dentistry.

How you can join us.

We strive to update our website with new information, videos, cases and downloadable information frequently, please feel free to check back anytime.

To avoid missing out on new course dates and new course locations, please submit your information by clicking here and we will send you an email announcement. You can also join us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Join us and let’s continue the journey of lifelong learning together!