Sinus Lift Procedures

Crestal Sinus Lift Protocol with Implant Placement

This video shows the utilization of MegaGen's MICA crestal sinus lift kit along with its instruments. The sinus express bur set is highlighted due to its unique ability to have one drill with one stopper perform an easy osteotomy into the sinus cavity. Subsequent set of instruments are then shown their proper usage by lifting, packing, spreading the bone graft material into sinus cavity. Finally a 5.5 x 10 AnyRidge implant is placed into osteotomy with 35 Ncm achieved in D4+ bone.

Crestal Window Sinus Lift Technique

Video showing crestal window sinus lift technique.

Narrated Crestal Window Sinus Lift Technique

Narrated Crestal Window Sinus Lift Technique video showing the utilization of a trephine to create crestal window for bone core removal and manipulation of sinus through crestal window technique. Subsequent implant placement utilizing the same crestal window osteotomy.

Diamond Drill Demonstration

Video showing diamond drill demonstration in order to not perforate the memebrane.