Bone Grafting Procedures

i-Gen Surgical Demonstration utilizing Internal Horizontal Mattress Suture technique

In the first part of this video, Dr. Isaac Tawil demonstrates how to use the internal horizontal mattress suture technique and the key benefits. The video shows how to pay special attention to the soft tissue and suture techniques that are critical to tension free closure of surgical site.

In the second part of the video, we will follow Dr. Isaac Tawil through the whole implant/GBR surgery using the i-Gen titanium membrane to correct boney defects and enhance the ridge width and height.

Please note that, in conjunction with the iGen membrane protocol, you will need to be able to coronally reposition the buccal flap properly. You must do this in order to attain primary closure over the bulked or grafted site where Guided Bone Regeneration is being performed.

The iGen membrane MAINTAINS the space over the grafted site to regenerate bone both vertically and from a width perspective as well.

Please watch this video for critical aspects of the soft tissue and hard tissue procedures being implemented for the optimum outcome.

To download the i-Gen guideline brochure click here and scroll down to bone grafting procedures.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) - A short introductory Video

This videos is a short introductory to the Platelet- Rich Fibrin (PRF) process showing how to make a bone putty with the "snot clot" and how tho make a PRF membrane.

Thank's to Dr. Larry H. Lindsay and Joel A. Gonzales RDA for presenting this video.

Please be aware that the regulations for drawing blood varies from state to state.

CGF - Concentrated Growth Factors with Medifuge

This is a short tutorial video about Concentrated Growth Factors or (CGF) using the Medifuge Centrifuge from Silfradent. Regenerative medicine is a key factor in rehabilitation dentistry today. It is so simple to use since it comes pre-programmed for you. JUST PUSH START to have the process take place once the vials have been put in the centrifuge.

The best tissue stimulation is derived from the autologous GF's which induce regeneration. The CGF technique exploits the regenerative potential of the whole blood and the separated blood phases can be disposed of individually to obtain bio-stimulation of related cells or tissues.


Animated video showing osseointegration of dental implant.